8 great websites for learning English

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With such an abundance of authentic English online these days, from videos to articles, podcasts to blogs, there’s no excuse not to use the internet to help you improve. However, you might also want something targeted especially at the learner. there are 8 great websites for learning English that we think you’ll

8 great websites for learning english
8 great websites for learning english

1. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English is part of the US government’s Voice of America international radio and television broadcasting service. It is a website that contains gigantic resources to help English language learners to improve their English skills. The site uses captions from the real world on different topics, including news, culture and science, as a learning resource.

Reports are read at a lower speed than normal. This gives the viewer time to hear each word clearly. On the site, there are also audio clips and short films with subtitles, which, in general, use short sentences and a vocabulary of beginner and intermediate level.

->> https://learningenglish.voanews.com/

2. Engvid

It is sometimes difficult to find English video lessons that you really enjoy. It’s not because the lesson content is bad, but because you don’t feel comfortable with the teacher. How about trying several English teachers to find the one you like?

Go to EngVid, the site that brings together many English teachers from different countries including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. They have created a series of over a thousand video lessons for English learners of all levels. The lessons are classified by skill level, by subject and (of course) by teacher.

->> https://www.engvid.com//

3. TED

This is a great site for learning English, with lots of free listening practice with accompanying exercises as well as lessons in general English, business English, English for interviews and English for travel.

->> https://www.ted.com/

4. Duolingo

A great website for learning vocabulary and grammar through interactive games and quizzes. There is an emphasis on pronunciation as you have to repeat back words and complete each lesson correctly before moving on to the next. It also lets you set your own goals and monitor your progress.

->> https://duolingo.com

5. British Council

British Council online courses focus on the four elements of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They also focus a lot on vocabulary.

British Council works is simply: once you finish listening to a podcast or video, you go through exercises to test what you have learned. In addition, there is a very useful discussion forum for practicing English while chatting with other students.

->> https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org

6. English Central

English Central focuses mainly on learning through video clips. Each video is captioned, which not only helps you remember new English terms easily, but also helps you refine your pronunciation.

->> https://fr.englishcentral.com/

7. Busuu

Busuu is an AI-powered language learning platform on web, iOS and Android that allows users to interact with native speakers from around the world. There are 12 language courses currently offered: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Arabic

–> https://www.busuu.com/en


Oxford Online English is an online English school offering premium-quality online English lessons to suit your needs.

->> https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/

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