Future tense 2 – Future perfect Continuous

by Chmayzen EL.
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1. Introduction

The future perfect continuous tense describes a continued action at some point in the future, is composed of two elements :
the future perfect of the verb “to be” (will have been) + the present participle of the main verb (base + ing)

Subject + will have been + present participle
He will have been working.
I will have been working.

2. Explanation

The future perfect:

  • has the form will + have + been + verb-ing.
    For example: He will have been travelling for six months by the time he goes to Spain.
  • describes continued actions that are continuing at a specific point in the future.
    For example: We should hurry because Barbara will have been waiting for us for ten minutes already.
  • uses “not” in negative form.
    For example: We’re early, so Barbara will not have been waiting for us yet.
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